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The Wolverine: Clawing its Way onto the Screen 2013

From the first time I saw him slice open the screen in the animated opening to the old X-Men cartoon sometime in the 1990’s, I have loved Wolverine. He and Michelangelo from TMNT were two of my personal imaginary friend’s/guardians…and no, I couldn’t be any prouder about that.

I mean, why the hell wouldn’t you want an adamantium clawed, healing factor empowered, warrior with a secret heart of gold as your adopted big brother? No one’s going to mess with that! And if they did, their next of kin could pick them up in three separate hefty bags! Screw Jubilation Lee, I wanted to be the perky young screw-up in the unbelievably loud yellow pleather jacket. Sure, the wardrobe choice was no-doubt intended to make kidnapping that much easier, but good ol’ Logan would be there in a flash to slice the baddies to ribbons and ruffle your hair. 

Suffice it to say that I was squeeking with fangirl glee when the first X-Movies came out. …And then I kind of cringed as each successive enstallment arrived. When Origins was announced…I wanted to hide under my bed. 

I hadn’t particularly liked the comic it was based on, and even with promises of Deadpool and Gambit (which, if the medium had been comics or animated anything, I would have had to put on some sweat pants to make room for the nerd wood caused by such a trifecta of sheer awesome) I more or less swore it off. I eventually saw it, sure, but I promptly forgot it.

No thanks, I can do without acknowledging that ever happened. Logan doesn’t need a last name. He’s better off with his secret past secret.

So why am I so excited now? Well…This is a movie made by a man who’s entire career has pretty much hinged on one character since he got the role. Sure, he doesn’t quite fit the comic rendition of our favorite ‘canuckle head’. He’s not short. Not overly hairy. Not quite as stocky even if he has obviously devoted a ton and a half of time working out to get his ‘warrior physique’.

Jackman cares about the character though. He couldn’t play him so well if he didn’t. He also knows he has to play him well if he wants to continue to make huge amounts of money off it. So I trust this movie because even on the monetary side of things, there’s no reason for it’s creators to not genuinely give a shit about quality.

Jackman fought for this movie. Pursued its creation doggedly through directors dropping out and the location itself being less than ideal by fox standards. It’s his brainchild. His baby. And from what I’m reading, he’s chosen a segment of Wolverine’s long and sordid history I absolutely adore.

Wolverine has a lot of connections and history in Japan. One might say his most damaging, poignant love affair occurred there as well. From the rumors I’ve heard, this movie will involve Logan’s love affair with Mariko Yashida and his struggle with her family. There’s an almost Hamlet-esque feel to this arc as I remember it. Mariko’s father tries to kill Wolverine, personal assassins intervene, illegitamite sons of the family get all powered up and try to kill people, poisonings, rigged battles, attempted suicide and empty victories with vows of revenge.

…I can’t even tell you how pumped up I really am about this movie. I’ll see you guys in line for the midnight showing when it comes out July 26, 2013.

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